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  • 3.5 - 5.6"

  • 7"

  • 8"

  • 9"

  • 10.1"

  • Industrial Display 4.3-26

  • Driver/HDMI Board

  • CTP,RTP,Optial Bonding

  • High brightness3.5-99

  • Innolux 5.6"AT056TN53 V.1
    Innolux 5.6" AT056TN52 V.3
    Innolux 5" ZJ050NA-08C
    Innolux 5" EJ050NA-01G
    Innolux4.3" AT043TN24 V.7
    Innolux 4.3"AT043TN25 V.2
    Innolux 3.5"LQ035NC111
    Innolux 3.5"LQ035NC211
  • Innolux 7"ZJ070NA-01P
    Innolux 7"NJ070NA-23A
    Innolux 7"FOG AT070TN90
    Innolux 7"AT070TN83 V.1
    Innolux 7"AT070TN94
    Innolux 7"AT070TN92
    JDI 7"LT070ME05000
    Innolux 7"N070ICN-PB1
  • Innolux 8"AT080TN64
    Innolux 8"EE080NA-06A
    Innolux 8"EJ050NA-05B
    Innolux 8"HE080IA-01D
    Innolux 8"HJ080IA-01E
    Innolux 8"ZJ080NA-08A
    Innolux 8"DJ080IA-11A
  • Innolux 9"ZE090NA-01B
    Innolux 9"ZY090NA-01B
  • Innolux10.1"N101ICG-L11
    Innolux 10.1"EJ101IA-01G
    Innolux 10.1"E101IA-01D
    Innolux 10.1"DJ101IA-07A
    10.1" 45PIN
    Innolux 10.4
    10.1"800*1280 MIPI
  • Innolux 17"G170J1-LE1
    Innolux 18.5"G185BGE-L01
    Innolux 25.5"G260J1-L05
    Innolux 25.5"G260JJE-L07
    Innolux 15.6"G156BGE-L01
    Innolux 15.4"G154IJE-L02
    Innolux 15.4"G154I1-LE1
    Innolux 15.4"G154I1-L01
  • Lvds TO Lvds Board
    HDMI TO Mipi Board
    TTL TO LVDS Board
    Lvds TO HDMI/VGA Board
    Mipi TO HDMI Board
  • RTP(resistive touch panel)
    CTP(capacitive touch panel)
    Display optial bonding TP
  • 7" high brightness 1000cd/m2
    8 " highlight LCD 1000 CD / m2
    10.1" highlight LCD 1000 CD /
    98"high brightness
    85"high brightness 1000cd/m2
    84"high brightness 1000cd/m2
    82"high brightness 1000cd/m2
    75"high brightness 1000cd/m2

Company profile

Zhiyuan optoelectronics tech(HK) limited was established in Shenzhen, the capital of high-tech manufacturing. The company is the main agent of Innolux and has maintained close and friendly cooperation. All dimensions of Innolux LCD are in stock for a long time with stable supply, quality assurance and good after-sales service. At the same time we provide one-stop supporting services and solutions, LCD screen, touch screen, driver board, and mainboard. In addition to agent sales of Innolux, we also distribute LCD screens of well-known brands such as CPT, AUO, LG, BOE, Sharp and JDI. Products a……

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Company Info

Shenzhen Zhiyuan photoelectric technology co., ltd.
National unified sales hotline:KEN +86 0755-21014508
Telephone:+86 0755-21014508
mobile phone:+86 15919481902
company address:B812, huangjia meilong mansion building, meilong avenue, minzhi, Longhua new district, Shenzhen city

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Congratulate on the official opening of our company website!

Congratulate on the official opening of our company website!

Warmly celebrate the official launch of the website of our company, and thank you all for your guidance and cooperation! The company will open up the market in the spirit of honesty and trust. we hope our customers can support us a lot. we also thank...

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